Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Update Freezer?

A: Update Freezer is a one-click way to:
- Download;
- Disable updaters (Freeze);
- Enable updates (Unfreeze).

It is true that most vendors describe procedures of disabling updates in the documentation. Our goal is to allow doing that and let you recover updates back if needed — all in one click.

Q: Is it safe to disable software updates?

We wouldn't recommend disabling software updates. In fact, most updaters have official ways to disable or postpone updating activities. We always give links to official ways of disabling updates (if any) for each vendor. Unfortunately, nowadays it is hard to distinguish maintenance updates from new releases. This leads to a situation when product UI and functionality may drastically change as a result of regular updates.

Q: Does Update Freezer protect my computer?

A: No. Update Freezer just provides a quick way to disable/enable software updates.

Q: <Toolname> tool does the same. So why UpdateFreezer?

A: Update Freezer is a zero-footprint software based on IceJS platform. It has minimum dependency on system DLLs and is likely to work on any Windows version (XP or greater). Its activities do not cause any side-effects. It does not install filters of any kind. It has no services, tasks or "Run" activities. Its goal is to automate some actions hidden from users by application vendors.

How can I know that Update Freezer does not perform any unexpected activities (spying, opening advertising links)?

A: Anyone can inspect Update Freezer source logic. This folder:


contains files unpacked and executed by IceJS (JavaScript sources), so anyone can inspect implementation of each action. The only goal of Update Freezer is to help disabling all automatic updates using one piece of software.