Skype Updater

Skype became a de facto standard of VoIP application. Millions of people use Skype on a daily basis. Skype application is actively maintained, software updates are shipped to keep users up to date with recent changes which provide the latest functionality and fix critical bugs. But sometimes updates are not welcome.

Skype recently became an object of criticism for its aggressive update policy. Due to this aggressive policy Skype's behavior is commonly compared to Malware [5].

Known Update Targets

Official Ways for Disabling

Skype provides a recommended way to disable updates. See [1].
Since version 5.9 Skype has a built-in way to disable updates: Tools > Options > Automatic Updates. This way disables Skype Updater service.

Support by Update Freezer

Update Freezer offers several options to manage Skype updates.

Drawbacks of Update Freeze

By disabling automated updates you have a risk to stay unprotected from vulnerabilities covered by regular maintenance updates of software.


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