List of Contributors

Many thanks to all good people who contributed to Update Freezer project:


Do you want to translate Update Freezer UI to your native language?

Download Update Freezer Language Pack (downloaded times), copy and edit one of existing translations and send us back. The translation to your language will become available in the next release.

Note: Language files are UTF8 with BOM encoded.

Step-by-step Localization Guide

  1. Unpack UF_Localization_Pack.zip.
  2. Copy UI.en.json to UI.<new language>.json.
  3. Edit UI.<new language>.json and translate all values in it.
    Each line of this file looks like

        "ID": "Text value" pair, i.e.: "DisableAllButton": "Disable All".

    All you need is to translate text values leaving IDs as is.
  4. Test UI.<new language>.json.
    1. Put it to <Update Freezer Folder>\Locale folder.
      You may find <Update Freezer Folder> depending on your installation type as follows:
      • If you have portable version then you can find the Locale subfolder inside unpacked folder.
      • Regular Update Freezer is installed into
    2. Uncomment the following line in
      <Update Freezer Folder>\Scenarios\UpdateFreezer.js:


      To uncomment it just remove the leading // in this line.
    3. Replace "en" with "new language" in this line and save UpdateFreezer.js. Normally each language is a two-letter abbreviation (fr - French, ja - Japanese, de - German, ru - Russian, etc.).
    4. Launch Update Freezer.
  5. You are welcome to make your contribution available to others. Send
    UI.<new language>.json to email address forum(at)updatefreezer.org together with information how to refer you in contributors list. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to your contribution.