Apple Updater

Apple Software Update is a tool by Apple Inc. that installs the latest version of Apple software. It was originally introduced to Mac users in Mac OS 9. A Windows version has been available since the introduction of iTunes 7. Apple Software Update automatically informs users of new updates. It can be set to check for updates daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all; in addition, it can download and store the associated installation files to be installed at a later date and maintains a history of installed updates.

Known Update Targets

Official Ways for Disabling

  1. Launch the Apple Software Update application using Start > Apple Software Update shortcut or by typing SoftwareUpdate.exe path in CMD window:
    %PROGRAMFILES%\Apple Software Update\SoftwareUpdate.exe
  2. In the main menu of the Apple Software Update choose Edit > Preferences.
  3. In the Apple Software Update Preferences window on the Schedule tab choose Never and press OK button.

Support by Update Freezer

Update Freezer offers several options to manage Apple Software updates: Disabled, Monthly, Weekly, Daily.

Note: Supported since version 1.5.

Drawbacks of Update Freeze

By disabling automated updates you have a risk to stay unprotected from vulnerabilities covered by regular maintenance updates of software.


  1. Disable Apple Software Update (unofficial method, via Task Scheduler):