Google Updater

Google became a part of our lives. We use Chrome, Talk, Picasa and other great desktop products developed by this company. Google wants us to always have the latest version of the software on our computers. This provides us with latest functionality and reduces support costs for Google. But sometimes we just do not want updates to happen automatically without our permission.

Known Update Targets

Official Ways for Disabling Updates

Google provides a recommended way for disabling automatic updates, see [1].

Support by Update Freezer

Update Freezer enables/disables Google Updates via official way described by Google [1]. It can automatically change required registry values for you. See Update Freezer for Google Update.

Risks of Disabling Updates

By disabling automated updates you have a risk to stay unprotected from vulnerabilities covered by regular maintenance updates of software.


  1. Google support topic about disabling Google Updates http://support.google.com/installer/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=146164