Adobe Updater

Adobe is not only famous for its great software that became de-facto standard of the industry. The side effect of its populaity is that it is a common target for attacks. This is an official position describing excessive frequency of Adobe software updates.

Known Update Targets

What Adobe update is the most annoying?

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Official Ways for Disabling

Adobe offers several official ways of disabling Adobe software updates. See [1] for disabling Acrobat and Reader updates, [2] for disabling Flash updates, [3] and [4] for disabling updates of Creative Suite with versions 3-4 and 5 respectively.

Support by Update Freezer

Drawbacks of Update Freeze

By disabling automated updates you have a risk to stay unprotected from vulnerabilities covered by regular maintenance updates of software. This is especially important for Adobe software since it is the biggest attack vendor for the latest viruses. See [5] for more information.


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